Postdoc positions in Extavour lab at Harvard

I’m looking for postdocs to work on funded projects, briefly described below. Experience with nearly any aspect of Drosophila developmental genetics will be a major asset for all positions.

Full details of the positions and how to apply are at

  1. Molecular Mechanisms of Germ Line Determinants: Understanding the molecular, biochemical, and biophysical mechanisms driving formation of cytoplasmic germ line determinants in Drosophila melanogaster.
  2. Adult Insect Neural Stem Cells: Elucidating the genetic and molecular basis of neural stem cell function, learning and memory in a cricket model system (Gryllus bimaculatus).
  3. Functional Genetics in Unusual Insect Model Systems: Developing tools for functional genetics in “basally branching” insects, including earwigs, stick insects, crickets, and firebrats.
  4. Evolution of Intermediate Filaments: Determining how functional evolution of intermediate filament proteins impacts mechanical properties of animal epithelia, including in cricket (Gryllus bimaculatus) and crustacean (Parhyale hawaiensis) model systems. Collaborative project with the labs of Pavel TomancakAndreas Hejnol and Carl-Philippe Heisenberg.