EDS Sponsorship Options

Standard sponsorship options

Our tiered sponsorship scheme will give your company EU-wide visibility – through our website, newsletters, and our endorsed conferences.

Benefits are delineated below; for details, please download our sponsorship brochure.







Annual Sponsorship Fee

2000 €

1500 €

1000 €

500 €

Company logo and link on website and in newsletter

Advertisement in newsletter

Full page

Half page



Logo and link on conference website of EDRC and EDS-supported meetings

Discounted sponsorship of EDRC and EDS-supported meetings





Job postings on website

5 per year

3 per year

2 per year

1 per year


Bespoke sponsorship

Would you prefer to sponsor a scientific prize or an image competition?

Please contact us to discuss how we can best meet your needs.


Please contact us if you consider donating to EDS. Country-specific tax regulations apply.

Membership of EDS is open to corporate entities too! If you would like to keep up to date with developments in the drosophila community through our mailing list, please register a person from your company free of charge. Membership is free and independent of sponsorship.