Postdoc position in Helen McNeill's laboratory (Washington University in St. Louis)

Two fully funded postdoc positions are available in the McNeill lab, at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis (

One project explores a poorly studied nuclear envelope protein, called Nemp, that we found is critical for fertility in flies, worms, fish and mice (Tsatsiks et al., 2020), with a special emphasis on how Nemp regulates chromatin organization during oogenesis.

The other project investigates how Fat cadherins regulate Hippo pathway activity, planar cell polarity and mitochondrial activity.

Applicants should have a PhD and demonstrated relevant research experience. A strong background in molecular biology, genetics, developmental biology, or cell biology is required. Experience in ChIP-seq, Hi-C or live imaging is a plus.

Interested applicants should email a single PDF file consisting of a cover letter, curriculum vitae, a personal statement (including research interests and career goals) to: