Post-doctoral position at University College London, UK

The Pichaud lab is recruiting a new post-doctoral researcher. This colleague will lead an exciting new project in the lab, focused on our recent discovery that epithelial cells can collaborate to pattern their basal (bottom) surface, to coordinate their movement and changes in their  3D shape, in morphogenesis (Please refer to bioRxiv: doi: In press with PLOS Biology).

The objective of the project is to understand how the surface receptors Integrin and Dystroglycan can induce patterning of a basement membrane, to coordinate cell movement and shape remodelling. We believe this project offers an excellent opportunity for someone aspiring to start their own group in the future. 

The LMCB is a world-leading Research Institute located at UCL, boasting a great research community, and providing a very supportive environment.

The position is funded by the Medical Research council, initially for 3 years. 

Salary range: £42,099–£50,585 

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