PhD student in Neural Stem cells and Brain development

Applications are invited for a student that wants to apply for an FCT PhD fellowship to join a project to study “The role of neural stem cells in brain development” in the group led by C. Homem at Nova Medical School in Lisbon. 

The call for PhD fellowships from Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia (FCT) is open from 18th of March to 18th of April 2024. When granted, these fellowships are predicted to start in September 2024. A Research Assistant Fellowship is available for the selected candidate until beginning August 2024.

During brain development, neural stem cells, generate a multitude of neurons to form the functional brain. Neural stem cells divide to self-renew and at the same time generate a more differentiated cell, which will divide again to form neurons or glia. It is however not fully understood how these fate changes occur from stem cell to a committed neuron. Our group uses the fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster as a model to study these questions. We have been particularly interested in how transcriptional and metabolic changes regulate these fate choices in normal and disease conditions, such as in tumors.

We are seeking a highly motivated candidate to join our studies on neural stem cells. The selected candidate will be sponsored to apply for an FCT PhD fellowship. Applicants should hold a Master degree in a Biology related area, with a combined academic grade higher than 15 values ((Licenciatura+Mestrado)/2>15). The ideal candidate has an interest in stem cells, developmental biology and neuroscience, tumor biology, laboratory experience, proficiency in English and the ability to work independently, creatively and efficiently.

The selected candidate will be funded with an internal Research Assistant Fellowship until August.

Application deadline: 14 March or until position is filled.

To apply, send one single PDF file including CV, cover letter and the name of three referees to Dr. Catarina Homem (