PhD position in Molecular Cell Biology and Developmental Genetics, Philipps University, Marburg, Germany

The Grosshans laboratory investigates molecular mechanisms of tissue morphogenesis in Drosophila embryos. We focus on the function and structure of E-cadherin and adherens junctions as well as mechano-gated ion channels in the coordination of cell behaviour such as contractions between neighbouring cells. Specifically the candidate will investigate the role of N-glycans of E-cadherin in clustering and mechanotransduction as well as the link of adherens junctions to mechano-gated ion channels. Concerning the theory part and computational procedures, the project will be conducted in collaboration with the group of Fred Wolf at the MPI/University of Göttingen. Funding is secured by a recently awarded DFG grant (three years, pay scale according public service).

We combine a wide range of methods, such life imaging, confocal and superresolution microscopy, computational image analysis, optical and biophysical  techniques beside Drosophila genetics, CRISPR genome engineering, transcriptome analysis and molecular biology. State-of-the-art equipment (e. g. LSM980 with UV laser, spinning disc, light-sheet microscope) is available in a recently refurbished laboratory on the Lahnberge in Marburg.

You should possess scientific curiosity, have a masters degree in the field of molecular life sciences and come with some experience in molecular genetics or advanced microscopy.

Please contact J. Großhans ( for informal inquiries. Deadline for application is September 15th, 2023. Formal applications will be submitted afterwards on the official job portal of the Philipps University.