3 postdoc positions in the FlyCab (Coimbra, Portugal)

The post holders will develop research activities within the scope of the Fly Coimbra Lab (FlyCab), a newly developed facility at the Multidisciplinary Institute of Ageing at the University of Coimbra, headed by Dr Alessio Vagnoni. 

The FlyCab uses Drosophila melanogaster to study the complexity of neuronal cell biology, focusing on understanding how intracellular trafficking influences neuronal function, and its role in healthy ageing and neurodegeneration.

The work to be carried out will initially aim to interrogate the Drosophila genome using genome engineering in a quest to find new geroprotectors and, throughout the project, may be combined with in vivo and in vitro approaches using flies as well as mammalian cell culture models. The research activities will employ several research techniques, including Drosophila genetics, advanced microscopy, Drosophila and mammalian cell culture, biochemistry, molecular biology, optogenetics and behavioural assays.