Postdoc positions in the Moore lab, Tokyo, Japan

In our laboratory, we study the regulatory control of neuron differentiation. Neurons form among the most complex and diverse structures of any cell type, and this has critical relevance due to its disruption causing neurodevelopmental disorders. We use state-of-the-art combinations of genetics, molecular cell biology, in vivo imaging of cell differentiation, and machine learning-based image analyses to explore and test our hypotheses. We are recruiting postdoctoral researchers or research scientists with strong backgrounds in genomics, bioinformatics, protein biochemistry, in vivo imaging, and computational image analysis for the following two projects:

Project 1) This project uses the development of Drosophila peripheral sensory circuits as a model. This position requires the relevant skills and experience in Drosophila genetics and molecular biology to take over and assume responsibility for finalizing a close-to-completion, large project examining the role of transcription controls and the in vivo imaging and biochemistry of microtubule nucleation pathways that act in da neuron growth.

Project 2) This project uses human cortical neural precursor and neuron culture as models. In this project, we manipulate the signaling pathways that initiate and control the neuron differentiation process. It uses a combination of genomics, molecular biology, and live imaging to understand molecular mechanisms of human cortical neuron differentiation.

Our laboratory is diverse and multicultural. We value open communication, collaboration, teamwork, and efficient productivity. The scientific language of our laboratory is English, and Japanese language proficiency is not required. Additionally, staff who speak Japanese as a primary language are comfortable with Japanese conversations happening at various levels.

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