Call for EDRC2023 workshops proposals

Dear colleagues,

We are thrilled to welcome the Drosophila community in Lyon at the EDRC2023 (Oct 20-23).

As we did for the postponed EDRC2021, we are offering 6 workshop slots on Friday (Oct 20th) afternoon (3 parallel workshops 1-3.15pm and 3, 3.30-5.45pm) ahead of the opening session (6pm).

Please send a one-page proposal to by Sept 23rd 2022.

WS should cover an exciting long-standing or emerging topic (technological or scientific) not addressed in the main sessions. The EDRC Organizing Committee will meet late September to review and select the 6 workshops and an additional back-up WS among all proposals received.

For on-site practical reasons, the workshop format is constrained. Please consider up to 9 speakers (12+3 min slots). You may decide to go for 8 talks only and include a 15min break in the middle or merge slots and have 30min slots, but please keep a nX15mn unit to allow attendees to navigate between workshops without interrupting talks. The type of speakers (Keynote, PIs, doc/postdoc, invited or selected or a mix) is entirely your call and is under your responsibility (we are not covering any WS speaker expenses).

Taking into account the recommendations above please describe the topic, philosophy and set-up of your envisaged WS in the proposal.

We have 3 large rooms (hosting 296/147/147 people respectively) available for WS. The final WS program with speaker names will be included on the EDRC2023 website ahead of the event and in the global EDRC2023 program which will be available online for all delegates. 

Looking forward to receiving your proposals.

Best regards, 

The EDRC2023 Organizing Committee

(F.Leulier, Y. Ghavi-Helm, M. Grammont, J. Enriquez, B.Mollereau, B.Loppin, S.Merabet)